RHSO Committee

Current committee

The following people were elected as officers of RHSO at the AGM in February 2023 under the current constitution:

ChairRuth Buckmaster
TreasurerHazel Mead
SecretaryNickie Hancock

Other people heavily involved in running the group are: Eugene Keddy, Elizabeth Waugh, Elisabeth Crafer, Dave Mead, Eric Buckmaster, Adrienne Richardson, Keith Mash, Robinne Colby, Geoff Williams, Colin Gill, Steve Rogers and Rob Richardson.

Past elected officers and group arrangements can be found here.


In addition to the provisions of our constitution, RHSO operates under the following policies.

Apple Day Risk Assessment

Maintenance Risk Assessment

Orchard Management Plan

Safeguarding Policy 2024

Teddy Bear Risk Assessment

Wassail Risk Assessment 2023


Click the link to download.

2nd April 2024(approved)
5th December 2023(approved) includes wassail planning
4th December 2023(approved) wassail planning template
27th June 2023(provisional)
11th April 2023(provisional) updated
7th March 2023(provisional) Minutes and proposal for the replanting of the orchard
15th February 2023(provisional) 2023 AGM Draft AGM Feb 2023
8th November 2022(provisional) Planning for Wassail Jan 14th 2023
4th October 2022(provisional) ideas for apple day 2023 included
2nd August 2022(provisional) apple day 2022 planning
8th March 2022(provisional) 2022 AGM Draft AGM complete with accounts and reports
5th January 2022(provisional) Wassail planning
9th November 2021(provisional)
18th August 2021(approved)
23rd June 2021(approved)
25th February 2021(provisional) 2022 AGM
25th February 2021(agenda) 2021 AGM agenda
27th August 2020(provisional) Apple Day Planning
19th June 2020(approved)
18th June 2020(approved)
18th February 2020(approved)
18th February 2020(approved) 2020 AGM
3rd December 2019(approved) Wassail 2020 planning
30th October 2019(approved)
25th June 2019(approved)
23rd April 2019(approved)
23rd April 2019(approved) 2019 AGM
10th January 2019(approved) Wassail 2019 planning
23rd October 2018(approved)
17th September 2018(approved)
7th July 2018(approved)
11th April 2018(approved)
17th January 2018(approved) Group reconstitution and 2018 AGM



Accounts are produced by the treasurer for the year 1st January to 31st December and presented at the AGM. Signed off accounts for each year are published here. Click the link to download.

Accounts 2022

Accounts 2021

Accounts 2020

Accounts 2019


RHSO posters, signs etc can be downloaded from here. Committee-only content is accessible in the (password protected) Members Area.

Actions and decisions for Wassail 13 January 2024.pdf




Maintenance Day Poster.pdf

Orchards East Summer 2018 Newsletter.pdf


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