Adam's Pearmain

Distinctively nutty apple.

First Reported1826
AppearanceConical, striped
EatOct to March

Adam's Pearmain is of unknown parentage. It is believed to have been introduced by Robert Adam in 1826. He found this variety in Norfolk and called it Norfolk Pippin. It is also reported that its first appearance was in Herefordshire where it was given the name Hanging Pearmain. What is certain is that the Victorians held this handsome apple in high regard.

It is a medium-sized fruit of conical shape. It has a lopsided, pear-shaped appearance. The skin is dry, slightly rough, greenish yellow and covered with an orange red stripy flush. There are many patches of light brown russet and the speckled lenticels stand out. Adam\'s Pearmain has a distinctive, nutty, richly aromatic taste. Its flesh is dry, crisp and creamy.

It is picked in mid-October and will store until March. It can tend to become biennial.

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